Ancient Indian Rishis believed that Nature is made up of FIVE ELEMENTS – they called them PANCHAMAHABUTHA. Likewise Human body is also essentially made up of these 5 elements. We respect and worship nature as nature is the primary source of learning.

An Indophile, Srividya draws inspiration from the concept of FIVE ELEMENTS and offers motivation and powerful insights for personal and professional growth through her Training and Coaching to individuals and groups.

Each of these five elements have their own characteristic features as described below :

Water (Aapa) – Flexible, Dynamic & Keeps moving : We need to keep learning new skills to progress in life. Sri custom-designs her Training Workshops to help professionals sharpen their skills and competencies.

Fire (Agni) – Passion & Igniting : We need to keep ourselves motivated and others all the time. Sri’s Motivational/Key-note speeches inspire and ignite people. She draws inspiration from Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

Earth (Bhumi) – Resilience, Grounded & Centered : We need to focus on challenging ourselves to achieve SMART Goals. Sri’s Coaching is known to get specific and tangible results.

Air (Vayu) – Touch and Go, No attachment & Letting Go : We need to keep moving up in career without being attached to a role or a position. Sri helps individual’s identify their true passion and potential while helping them create a career they aspire through Career Guidance.

Space (Akasha) – Openness & providing space : When individuals grow to higher roles and positions, they become more lonely and need to be open to feedback, self reflections and deeper understanding. Sri, an adept in psychology and philosophy helps individuals through Inner Well being process.